Sheila E.'s being just as hot as she was in Krush Groove at her recent appearances during Prince's 21 Nite Stand at the Forum sent us spinning fantasies involving other musicians who are just as hot (or hotter) with a little age on 'em. This is our list, though- who's on yours?

Here are the Top Ten Musicians “Of a Certain Age” that You'd Still Do:

10. David Byrne

Silver haired and still killin' it onstage, David Byrne (born 1952) just keeps gettin' sexier. His body of work is just as alluring as his physical form, featuring collaborations with Brian Eno, founding and fronting the Talking Heads, and directing True Stories. Very few humans are able to analyze history with such critical poetry while maintaining such a GQ look.

“Life is Long” on the Colbert Report 2009

9. David Bowie

When David Bowie fell from space in 1947, the world inherited a time bomb of androgynous fuck appeal. Labyrinth turned a whole generation of children onto the delightful package their parents had been admiring for years (and perhaps paved the way for the Furry movement).Crooning in that unmistakable voice, Bowie can make sadness sound sexy and sex sound downright tragic. Another multi-disciplinarian, David Bowie can turn you on in many mediums but is perhaps best when sitting at the piano singing sincerely into a camera so viewers can sigh at his charmingly crooked fangs and uneven pupils.

“I'm Afraid of Americans” 2006

8. Tom Waits

Gets you wet while making you cringe.

“Bottom of the World” 2011

7. Dolly Parton

No explanation needed.

“Jolene” 2007

6. Leonard Cohen

Still got it.

“I'm Your Man” live in London 2009

5. Kim Gordon

After participating in the performance of an all-girl band on the invitation of Dan Graham, Kim Gordon and fellow CKM member Stanton Miranda formed Sonic Youth with Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore. Gordon continues to make music and art 30 years later and managed to make a baby with her bandmate turned husband, too. She started a bunch of bands, co-produced Hole's first record, co-directed a video for The Breeders (with Spike Jonze), organized benefit concerts with Cat Power, and helps moms look cool with her fashion line Mirror/Dash, inspired by Fracoise Hardy (who was a very close runner up for this list!). It seems there's nothing this grrrl can't do, and dang don't she look purdy doin it.

“What a Waste” 2006

4. Bruce Springsteen

We saw Bruce Springsteen live in concert a couple years ago and enjoyed multiple full body orgasms along with 100,000 other fans in the audience. At one point, Bruce rocked so hard he broke a string and – without missing a beat – he nonchalantly pitched his guitar over his head to a dutiful roadie standing in the shadows. Like a master juggler, the roadie tossed a new guitar to Bruce who caught it, strapped it on, and immediately strummed away in time. Bruce makes music that could redeem a human soul (“Nebraska”) and communicate critique in popular form (“Born in the USA”). He's so good that we can forgive his forgettable work of late and- most disappointing of all – his soul patch.

Halftime Special, Superbowl 2009:

3. Sade

Born in Nigeria but raised in the UK, Sade has now sold more albums than any other solo female artist in British history (over 50 million!). She must be magical. Her music transports listeners to realms of smooth bliss and her face is as soft and striking as ever.

“Is It a Crime” 2008

2. Prince

Please. Prince said it best when he shrugged at his opening night at the Forum, “All of them get older, but I still look the same.”

“The Beautiful Ones” on George Lopez 2011

1. France Gall

Born in 1947, France Gall is our dream girl! If only we could go back in time! She sang silky melodies over trumpets and strings for children and grownups alike. Tackling topics like capital punishment, blow jobs, and LSD with “collaborator” Serge Gainsbourg, France Gall stirred up as much controversy as libidos. Now heavily involved in humanitarian efforts, focusing on a charity group that helps homeless women, France Gall is more beautiful than ever.

“Il Jouait Du Piano Debout” 2008

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