Sick New World: Vegas Embraces Inaugural Alternative and Nu-Metal Festival

Photo by Devon Raleigh

Las Vegas witnessed a storm of music and energy as the inaugural alternative and nu-metal festival, Sick New World, took over the city this past weekend. With an impressive lineup featuring iconic bands like System of a Down, KoRn, Deftones, Turnstile, and Incubus, the festival delivered an unforgettable experience to fans who braved scorching temperatures that reached triple digits. The Las Vegas Fairgrounds became a haven for music enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, making Sick New World an event to remember.

A Day Filled with Intense Performances:

In the blistering desert heat, fans flocked to the fairgrounds and filled every available space. By 3 p.m., as Chevelle took the stage, tens of thousands of fans had already arrived, eager to immerse themselves in the festival’s atmosphere. The fairgrounds remained packed throughout the entire 12-hour event, with bands delivering electrifying performances one after another.

Legends of the Genre Lead the Way:

Headlining the festival was System of a Down, whose performance lasted over two hours. This was a momentous occasion as the band hadn’t performed together in years. Their set was nothing short of electric, with thousands of die-hard fans jumping and singing along. The atmosphere felt like a pilgrimage to Mecca for SOAD fans. The influx of out-of-town attendees turned both the crowd and local hotels into a sea of passionate concert-goers. Fans from various corners of the globe gathered at Sick New World, with some flying in specifically for Saturday and returning home the next day. While some managed to make it back in time for Mother’s Day, many opted to stay the entire weekend, transforming the Las Vegas Strip into a vibrant scene, the people adorned with band tees, colored hair, and all-black attire.

Photo by Devon Raleigh

Unforgettable Performances:

Korn, another iconic band, unleashed an incredible show, surpassing even the studio recordings. Rocking the crowd with classics like “Freak on a Leash” and “Coming Undone,” Korn’s energetic and succinct performance, featuring less than ten songs, left the crowd in a daze. Sick New World proved to be a well-organized event, free from any major hitches, despite the expected desert heat. The success of this year’s festival has already sparked anticipation for next year’s edition.

Photo by Devon Raleigh

The genre-bending and genre-less, 100 gecs performed an amazing set as well. Dressed in their strange attire and costumes, the duo crushed the festival with an onslaught of their metallic and hyper tracks. The cult-like following of 100 gecs proceeded to mosh and dance to their favorite gecs’ songs including, “Money Machine”, “Stupid Horse”, and their newest hit, “Hollywood Baby”.

Photo by Devon Raleigh

Another fan-favorite, Turnstile, also delivered with their performance. Turnstile fans are dedicated, flocking to and selling out their shows and sets. This creates an amazing atmosphere wherever the band decides to play. Turnstile has become extremely popular in the music industry as a whole, making them a crossover hit and a must-see act.

Photo by Devon Raleigh

Looking Ahead:

Sick New World made its mark on Las Vegas, introducing the city to a new wave of alternative and nu-metal music in an extraordinary manner. The festival showcased some of the genre’s biggest names, reuniting legends like System of a Down and Deftones, and invigorating fans with unparalleled performances. Despite the scorching temperatures, attendees reveled in the festival’s vibrant atmosphere, creating an unforgettable experience for all. As the event wrapped up, anticipation for next year’s Sick New World has already began to build, with hopes that the festival will continue to rock Vegas in the future.

As the curtains close on Sick New World, the music scene in Las Vegas continues to thrive. The city is home to an array of captivating festivals, including Life is Beautiful and Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), both of which are set to take place later this summer. These festivals promise to deliver more unforgettable experiences and draw music enthusiasts from far and wide.

Photo by Devon Raleigh










































































































































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