See, a few months ago a bunch of assholes from the OC thought it would be funny and helpful to their “musical” career to block the 101 Freeway creating a dangerous traffic jam that could have killed people. Today these assholes pleaded “innocent to charges of conspiracy, resisting, obstructing or delaying police, creating a public nuisance, and false imprisonment.” According to Boing Boing, “their attorney, Roger Rosen, asked that their bail be kept at $10,000, but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Henry J. Hall instead doubled it to $20,000.” Now, do you think these untalented morons should officially change the name of their band to “The 101 Freeway Assholes”?

We think so.

And, no, as we have NOT been doing since their asshole stunt, we will not embed or link their moronic video on this post either (Boing Boing–really, guys? Take it down, please.)

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