Every year, in addition to Hollywood and foreign industry films that have been widely seen/heard of, the Library of Congress adds a number of short and/or avant-garde works to the National Film Registry, their list of “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant works designated for permanent preservation. This weekend, Los Angeles Filmforum is screening eight shorts added to the 2009 Registry, including Janie Geiser's “elliptical, pictographic animated film” The Red Book; Chuck Workman's 1987 Oscar winner Precious Images; short 60s Philly street gang doc The Jungle; and the amazing-sounding 1932 film A Study in Reds, described as “a polished amateur film spoof” in which the members of a women's group fall asleep during a lecture on the Soviet menace, and wake up in Russia. “Needless to say, the film ends with a firing squad, in which a woman who rebelled is executed,” writes a blogger who has seen it. Between “polished amateur” and “firing squad execution,” this sounds like the gem of the show.

Geiser and Workman will be on hand at the Egyptian Theater on Sunday. For more information, check out Filmforum's website.

LA Weekly