In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.

  • “As if on cue, West Hollywood's UnPhởgettable opened two weeks ago.” Do Not Phở-sake Me, Oh My Darling.
  • “Note the steel autopsy table, the sinks, the medical instruments, the hacksaw.” 10 Grossest Alien Chest-Burster Cakes.
  • “'Something like a Gaspacho (sic), where everything is dumped into a blender has no excitement at all!'” TQ & A With Martha Rose Shulman: The New Book, Letters to Julia + Faux Meat .
  • “And some, like the farangoyos de huevos de tortuga (turtle eggs in broth) and tamales de iguana (iguana tamales in chile de árbol sauce) are the sort of dishes that anywhere else would have been included solely for their shock factor. Not here.” Diana Kennedy's New Oaxaca al Gusto Cookook: Yes, You Want It.
  • “Although it was a food event at core, the scene was more like a Lindsay Lohan sighting: Paparazzi toppling over one other to capture shots of the mayor, or maybe they were trying to get Susan Feniger (we're not sure. She was standing underneath him during the photo-op).” Food Paparazzi Capture Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Sipping Bubbly & Promoting DineLA.
  • “In each installment, as Buddy Holly's “True Love Ways” plays, the cuddly mascot confronts someone–a man in a hospital gown, a father and son shopping for groceries, a cook in a restaurant kitchen–with the audacity to “say no” to the company's cheese.” Never Say No to Panda Cheese.
  • “And while they can be happily eaten in many contexts, perhaps the most fun is to order them at the narrow bar at the Monterey Park restaurant, where the line is almost acceptable, the loud shouts of the servers (in Japanese, of course) will reverberate above your head, and your tablemate will in all likelihood be a 5 or 6 year-old girl shouting 'I want noodles.' Don't we all.” Best Gyoza: Daikokuya.
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