In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.

  • “All I can say is that it would be a shame to endure even a single extra day without having experienced the Salt's Cure BLT — super-ripe heirloom tomatoes, chunky toast and a pig's worth of the restaurant's sweetly smoky bacon.” First Bite: Promising Start, Salt's Cure.
  • “Like so many things in life, it really all comes down to your definition of a casserole.” Better Homes And Gardens' New (For the 15th Time) Cookbook.
  • “Making the experience even more difficult? The sight of some nice looking pork sandwiches being consumed at the other tables.” Cobb Salad Fight: Clementine vs. Mendocino Farms.
  • “'No, I'm not moving to Chicago.'” Your Walter Manzke Update: 4 Days at Test Kitchen, El Bulli, Chicago, Etc.
  • “The Swiss cereal, a mixture of uncooked oats, fruits and nuts, also sounds more like something invented by T.C. Boyle than what you might eat for breakfast instead of Nutella crepes. Which may or may not be a selling point, depending on how much you liked The Road To Wellville.” Best Muesli: Hans Röckenwagner's Bircher Muesli + A Recipe.
  • “I never will refer to myself as a chef. I like it in a derogatory way, like, 'WHAT UP CHEF.'” Q & A With Heirloom-LA's Matthew Poley: Cooking School, The Word 'Chef,' and a Desert Island Meal.
  • “If you want to learn how to distill, but you don't exactly have $3,500 to spare for the American Distilling Institute's upcoming course (and don't particularly care to play the old Federal crime game), you're in luck.” New Distilling Courses On The Cheap: And Yes, Home Distilling Is Still Illegal Stateside.
  • “Think of it as the Ferran Adrià play-by-play with astounding photos to match, all at the restaurant's Happy Hour price.” A Day At El Bulli Cookbook, The Paperback Edition: Get it While You Can.
  • LA Weekly