In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.

  • “So far, it's been a hit with fair patrons like Stacy Hine, 32, who took a bite of her doughnut bacon burger and exclaimed to the Star Press, 'That's awesome. Seriously, that is so good.'” Want Fries With That? Meet The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Burger.
  • “These Liège waffles, named for the city in Belgium where they're sold by cart-toting street vendors, are smaller and sweeter, with a crust of caramelized sugar that stays crisp even when topped with slices of fresh strawberries.” Shaky Alibi Serves the Holy Grail of Waffles, the Liège Waffle.
  • “It might be mid-August, but it looks as though summer has finally arrived.” Beat The Heat: A Round-Up of L.A.'s Ice Cream Sandwich Spots.
  • “Are you going to end up with the inevitable bottle of Cardinal Zin from the downtown Ralphs? Probably!” Ask Mr. Gold: LudoWines, What to Drink on the Fly with the Lefebvres.
  • “The next level is ridiculously challenging. I'll try and pass through, but obviously right now I'm riding a high of passing the Advanced. You need to put in a lot of work.” Meet Your New Advanced Sommelier: Q & A With Michael Shearin of Drago.
  • “The redesign scooped out all that was pleasant about the old mall, one of Frank Gehry's breakthrough projects, with all the subtlety of a melon baller cutting through a cantaloupe, and replaced it with a high-gloss sheen that would be as at home in Columbus or San Jose as it is two blocks from the sea.” First Bite: Tats and Prawns, Xino by the Bay.
  • “Yeah, I know Voltaggio. Yes, I talk to Voltaggio. No, he's not signed. Maybe he will, but no, at this point, there's no Voltaggio.” Test Kitchen Update: Brian Saltsburg Talks Manzke, Voltaggio, Tapas, and More.
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