In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.

  • “Nancy Reagan (of all people) maybe put it best: 'Just say no.'” Mother Sues McDonald's Over Happy Meals.
  • “Yes, it's just a chicken sandwich, but it is, apparently, the chicken sandwich.” Chick-fil-A Breaks Ground in Hollywood.
  • “No vampiros. That crook robbed us all.” Tacos Guanajuato Robbed + Closed Indefinitely.
  • “As someone who spent far too many years choking down the cups of library paste that masquerade as clam chowder along the northeastern seaboard, I can tell you that, after awhile, you learn to stay far, far away from the stuff.” Best Clam Chowder: Roy Choi's Bowl at A-Frame.
  • “But, like Jesus, a lot of things have been done in Vader's name he probably wouldn't be thrilled about.” Take a Sip from the Dark Side: Darth Vader Has Coffee.
  • “Foul-mouthed in the kitchen (what chef isn't?) but gracious in victory, Sivley praised her opponent, Kook, saying he gets a bad rap on the show but is a great guy in person.” Kiss Her Grits: Nona Sivley Wins Season 8 of Hell's Kitchen, Will Become Head Chef at LA Market.
  • “Why you don't drink — religious principles, health issues, heavy machinery operation, a previous life as a complete fuckup, that ankle bracelet, whatever — is your business, not ours.” A Holiday Survival Guide for Nondrinkers: Top 10 (Mostly Legal) Coping Mechanisms.
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