In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.

  • “It's NASCAR. They want to see the car crash. That's all it is.” Q & A With Ming Tsai: His New Book, PBS + The NASCAR of Food Television.
  • “Because if after all these years, you are still drinking Two Buck Chuck, you deserve to listen to “Making Love out of Nothing at all” on repeat.” Top 10 Wine And Band Pairings: Or, How About Some Air Supply With That $2 Chuck?
  • “If you're a man, you may be sympathetic, or you may think PMS is a lot like Roswell.” The Betty Crocker PMS iPhone App: More Hormones, More Dessert.
  • “Kind of like The Love Boat crossed with Sartre's No Exit. Filmed off the coast of Hawaii. By Stanley Kubrick.” Your Carnival Cruise Ship Emergency Diet: Pop Tarts, Croissants & Spam.
  • “Ya, ya we all know not to judge a book by its cover. And then we do it anyway.” Cookbook Review: Avec Eric, A Culinary Travelogue + Eric Ripert's Homemade Butter Recipe.
  • “Psych 101: Banning something people desire usually increases its appeal.” Op-Ed: Don't Ban Fast Food, Provide Better Options.
  • “It's straight-forward flavor. There is no molecular. Molecular is over!” At The Royce, Langham Huntington's New Restaurant: “Molecular Is Over
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