In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.

  • “Granted, Francis doesn't do a damn thing with his paws.” Cooking With Dog: Don't Worry, it's The Name of a Television Show.
  • “When we first opened our restaurant in New York, Dawat, they wanted to offer Chicken Tikka Masala and I said [with horror in her voice] 'No WAY!' But I had no control over the matter.” Q & A With Madhur Jaffrey, Part 2: Martha Stewart, The Definition of Vindaloo + Collating for Ismail Merchant.
  • “Let the speculation (and the speck) begin!” Cochon 555 Comes to L.A. for First Time.
  • “Royal/T changes identities more often than Madonna, but where she's turned into a Kabbalah cultist with impressive and terrifying monkey strength, the hyphenate Japanese maid café/gallery/store has seamlessly morphed from Hello Kitty hub to Andy Warhol shrine.” A Clu to Royal/T's Tron Menu.
  • “So while Michelle Obama is busy campaigning against childhood obesity, Palin is demonstrating that we all have the constitutional right, it seems, to bear guns, shoot wolves and eat cookies at school. Awesome.” The Cookie Monster: Sarah Palin Tackles the Issue of Sweets in Schools.
  • “Rennies, an engineer, figured that it was easier to invent a machine than, perhaps, attempt to teach an entire nation how to cook sausages.” Best New Kitchen Invention: The Wursttoaster.
  • “'Who can forget his 2007 Director's Cut Cabernet Sauvignon?' De Niro asked.” Meet Your New Wine Critic: Robert De Niro.
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