In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.

  • “A cameraman was mistaken for bacon.” Robot IDs Human Flesh as Bacon.
  • “Since we're not typically ones to trade our gastropub grass-fed beef for fast food's processed variety, we visited four L.A. area McDonald's and quizzed drive-through employees about what's in the McRib, why it's so popular, and exactly how the boneless meat get its signature 'rib' shape.” Solving The McRib Mystery: McDonald's Employees Tell Us What's In The Seasonal Sandwich.
  • “Imagine if Charlie Bucket had grown up to be a DEA agent.” Best Turkish Delight: Nory Locum in Canoga Park.
  • “Proving that everyone in Los Angeles — even food trucks — can have a second act.” Food Trucks: Willoughby Back on the Road with New Menu, Biz Model.
  • “Take heart, food snobs. There's some speculation that the sucrose may have split into its constituents, fructose and glucose, before testing.” Mexican Coke: A Myth?
  • “Which brings us to our current skinny-glutton online dilemma. Do we politely pulp those sub-par books that arrive on our desk, or do we give them an honest review?” Cookbook Review: Can This Skinny Bitch Cook, Or Is She Just One Smart Marketing Bitch + Reviewer's Remorse.
  • “Are you a dieter and exercise enthusiast who stops to dispose of a 45 calorie dried fruit energy boost while jogging along a roughly 2.2 mile circular journey that takes you past golfers, tennis players and squashed squirrels?” An Open Letter To Whomever Is Placing Raisin Boxes On Top Of A Chain Link Fence At Cheviot Hills Park: Who Are You?
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