In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.

  • “While the study may not lead to intensive family planning strategies, it seems clear that kindergarten birthday parties thrown this month might be wise to go for vegan cupcakes.” Milk and Egg Allergies Linked to Month of Conception.
  • “The reporters have reluctantly pried themselves from their tables at New Taste Dumpling House, wishing perhaps that their editors might find another story for them that involved massive consumption of xiao long bao.” [Updated, Again] San Gabriel Mayor Arrested: Or, More Fun With Xiao Long Bao.
  • “And though cinnamon and fruit-based varieties are available, most babka-philes agree with Seinfeld's Elaine, that the chocolate babka is king.” What About Babka: 5 Spots for Chocolate Babka.
  • “They're nothing like the defrosted nubs coated in generic orange sauce you get at most sports bars.” Akasha: Chicken Tikka Wings To Die For.
  • “Not even Mountain Dew could make it palatable, though it did excuse the noxious green color.” Agwa: Liqueur or Mouthwash? It's Hard to Tell.
  • “Stop Yelping. We're going to put it on a t-shirt. We advise the reviewer quoted above to also stop eating out.” Top 5 Most Annoying Yelper “Types”.
  • “I wanted to be an FBI agent. I even had Lasik surgery on my eyes to have the proper vision to be in the FBI.” Q & A With Fig's Ray Garcia: On FBI Dreams, Revolutionary Sushi + Cooking For Dogs.
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