In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.

  • “There was a time when art in restaurants signified more than the $3,000 ceramic dildo for sale at the gift shop of Bazaar.” Best High-Art Patio: Michael's.
  • “If that sounds like the perfect snack after stumbling out of a bar, you're in luck.” Pal Cabron to Open in Former Guelaguetza at Normandie & 8th.
  • “Could you sue Harvard if you thought it didn't adequately prepare you to obtain a high-paying job?” Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School Faces Class Action Lawsuit.
  • “The good news? Finally a good PR day for public restrooms.” Restaurant High Chairs Carry More Bacteria Than Toilet Seats.
  • “Indeed, when you drive or jog by, you almost imagine a mid-morning rock concert might be set to take place. But the draw is just flour, water, air, and time.” Cookbook Review: Tartine Bread.
  • “We got a lot of exercise though, running up and down mountains, quietly.” Q & A With Mary Sue Milliken: Adventures In the Alaskan Surfing Capital, Chasing Boar in Mongolia + Her Hitchcock Squab Experiment.
  • “Thanks to LA Beer Week, drinking and civic duty temporarily go hand-in-hand — as if Angelenos needed another reason to drink beer.” Drink Up: It's L.A. Beer Week.
  • “While the rest of the country is lounging by the fire with hot chocolate, we're still downing frozen margaritas (granted, they are flaming).” Sapling Liqueur: A Vermont Fall in Los Angeles, Sort Of.
  • LA Weekly