In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.

  • “Since pork is “the other white meat,” what does that make horse?” Horse Meat: Coming to a Table Near You?
  • “I've work flipflops to some of the most expensive restaurants in Southern California and man, I love it.” Q & A With Jason Travi, Part 2: Flipflops at Spago, Food Trucks + Why Every Chef Should Gas Up With Fryer Oil.
  • “At first I was like, why is Jesus at the beach? Then I was like, Oh. Jesus is at the beach. Parting the waves. Walking on water. Drinking beer. Kicking it with a flamingo… huh?” Sweet Jesus: Christ On A Cake, or 18 Ways of Baking With Jesus.
  • “Wow. Somebody might have finally found an actual use for Jägermeister.” Four Loko To Be Turned into Ethanol: From Fueling Frat Parties to Fueling Your Car.
  • “Never mind the Flying Pink Pig's metaphorical sausage party. Grindhaus will be an actual one.” Grindhaus Sausage Shop & Food Truck to Open in Hollywood.
  • “After allegedly kicking an offending Daily Star paparazzo three times, the camera shy actor resorted to lobbing legumes before being arrested for assault.” Happy Bean Day: 5 Great Bean Events in History.
  • “Squid Ink will keep you Bourdainiacs up to date with information about Get Jiro! and which of the four days Bourdain will be there so that you can get your tickets before they sell out (and they will), on the condition that you tell us where to get a decent meal around the Convention Center.” Bourdain to Attend San Diego Comic-Con to Promote His New Graphic Novel.
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