It's kind of a no-brainer: if you're celebrating drugs and/or getting messed up, best to lay low and don't do anything stupid. It goes for numbskulls with pot leaf bumper stickers on their cars, football fans walking to their trucks after the big game wearing “I'm Not Nearly As Think As You Drunk I Am” T-shirts, or ravers going to a big party in Redlands called Festival 420. Don't bring in drugs lest you're prepared to get busted.

KTLA is reporting that the rave, which drew over 10,000 people, resulted in 51 arrests, 41 of them on drug charges.

Which is a bummer for the parents, for the kids, for the promoters, for everyone except the cops. And inevitable. The problem with enforcement like this, however, is how focused and arbitrary it is. Go to a show at the Hollywood Bowl on most nights and you can probably arrest a good 40 or 50 on drug charges. Selective enforcement of raves isn't new, of course. Cops are always afraid of what they don't understand, and the combination of kids and ecstasy is a recipe for problems.

But there's no need to over react like this reporter for the Redlands Daily Facts, who, in this “review” of the event, was shocked — shocked — to smell pot at the rave (he was “nearly overcome with pungent smell of marijuana”) and even more horrified that a couple appeared to be having sex on the floor. At a rave! (They were probably sitting in a “cuddle puddle,” and, newsflash, a lot of people probably got laid that night.) In addition, he seemed to be upset that a girl's top almost fell off.

Girls with braces strutted around in bikini tops and skimpy underwear bottoms while boys, whose faces had yet to be visited by any kind of stubble, smoked cigarettes and joked about how many bowls they did before arriving.

Oh my heavens! Kids, wearing skimpy clothes and smoking cigarettes and cannabis?! What is this world coming to?

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