[UPDATE, 7/21: Our satirical post had initially identified Kirsten Kennis as a “Malibu dweller” (which made the preppie joke funnier and more local to us). It's apparently been confirmed that the former model has an address in Fairfield, Connecticut, which is still pretty preppie if you ask us.]

It's always a red-letter day when Pitchfork has to link back to TMZ and all the sub-worlds of entertainment, as John Lennon and Timothy Leary would say, come together.

And all through the magic of Vampire Weekend, the preppie gift that keeps on giving!

Now the preppie popsters (prepopsters?) are being sued in LA by Malibu Fairfield, Connecticut resident Kirsten Kennis, who claims to a) be the girl photographed in 1983 with a semi-popped collar, who ended up on the cover of Vampire Weekend's Contra (and on the countless LA bus benches at the time of the album's release) and b) never to have signed a model release for the photo, thus entitling her to “damages” to the tune of 2 million bucks (an Ivy-League, Afro-beat-inspired tune, most likely).

Can Bret Easton Ellis write something about this? Bret? Are you there? We can always use more freelancers.

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