Just three years after Jonathan Gold wrote about Los Angeles's blossoming craft cocktail scene, comes this hilarious YouTube video poking fun at the often extreme measures bartenders take to fix you a tasty drink.

The viral video features several second long frames in the style of other popular “Shit ______ Say” YouTube video series. It stars a handlebar-mustached mixologist talking about things like making his “cherry bark cayenne bitters” and “developing a barrel aged cocktail program.”

The video, by Bob Hemauer, Emily Julka, Jesse Neumann and Mel Trudeau, was originally a spoof of the Madison, Wisconsin, cocktail community, but as you'll see, it could easily be about the Los Angeles bar scene — or Portland, etc. — as well. As any imbiber who has ever gulped down Matt Biancaniello's drinks over at the Roosevelt or sipped Joe Brooke's libations can attest.

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