Holy shit, read this: “Perhaps the greatest signpost of the past millennium is approaching quickly. This signpost, revealed by the ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar, is 2012. The 2012 Conference will show that many ancient traditions are saying that the Great Shift of the ages is at hand … The scholars attending this conference will present the research revealing that a multiplicity of ancient cultures in different lands have all pointed to the time period around 2012 as the year that things will change. Those cultures include the Mayan, the Incan Elders, the Hopi, the Aztecs, and 19th Century Europeans.” Here's what's happening: talks by top scholars, thinkers, philosophers and futurists, including Dr.Alberto Villoldo (keynote speaker), Jordan Maxwell, Daniel Pinchbeck, Sharron Rose, Jay Weidner, Harijiwan Khalsa and John Major Jenkins, plus the premiere of Timewave 2013. Hey, it was either this or Larry the Cable Guy at the Nokia Theater.
Sat., March 1, 9 a.m.-6 p.m., 2008

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