Mary Lynn Rajskub, fresh off her eight-year stint on 24 , presents her new one-woman show, Mary Lynn Spreads Her Legs . She tackles pregnancy, giving birth, square dancing — you know, leg-spreading activities. We catch up with her on the e-mail machine and ask, “Aren't you too famous for this?” To which she responds, “Let's just say that a guy at Starbucks said to me today: ‘Weren't you on 24 ? That was a great show. We loved you on that.' Notice the past tense?” Now that she's a mom — little Valentine Anthony soon turns 2 — Rajskub's gained plenty of new perspective and says, “The first three months of having the baby were a nightmare. Of course, he's beautiful, amazing and all that crap, but having a baby is a major life change and life challenge that you cannot plan for, and that you begin sleep-deprived and recovering from the delivery.” A show on her new life was a natural step. “Thanks to my director, Amit Itelman, this show goes pretty deep. I tended to deflect and conceptualize with my comedy, but together we got into the characters and relationships in my life. Of course, we started with the comedy, and as a bonus things got somewhat real. All the characters are exaggerated, my mother was nowhere near putting me in an oven like the mom in my show, but there's a kernel of truth in every bit.” She's gearing up for the thrill ride that is potty-training. “My son thinks pooping and the idea of pooping are hilarious. He grunts, acts like he's doing it and cracks up. But he's not seriously into trying to go on the toilet.”

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