Drunk drivers beware!

The sheriff is coming to town and she's going after all you boozers who are too stupid to down that last tequila shot right before driving off in your vehicle.

The LA County Sheriff's Department was granted a $1.1 million grant by the California

Office of Traffic Safety for an anti-DUI program that aims to prevent deaths and injuries on streets and highways.

With that funding, sheriffs will be conducting DUI check points and stake outs of repeat offenders.

In addition, they will also conduct potentially embarrassing

“court stings” where deputies track down DUI offenders with revoked and suspended driver licenses who get behind the wheel after their day in traffic court.

“We follow them to the parking lot and issue them a citation,” said Glenn Callaway, detective with the LA County Sherrif's Department. Then “we impound their vehicle.”

Besides car drivers, motorcyclists will also be on the sheriffs' radar.

Extra officers will be on duty patrolling areas frequented by motorcycles. There, they will be monitoring motorcyclists who travel between lanes and drive excessive speeds, which are two main causes of accidents among motorcyclists.

The program will be conducted in 42 of the 88 cities in the region that contracts with LA County sheriffs.

So don't be a cheapskate the next time you go out and put down some cash for that taxi drive home. Got it?

The program takes effect next Friday.

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