Huu Can Tran, the shooter who killed 11 people in Monterey Park last weekend, did not seem to have a connection to any of the victims, according to L.A. County Sheriff Robert Luna.

In a Wednesday update, Sheriff Luna said investigators have conducted several interviews and have not found evidence that Tran knew the victims at Star Dance Studio, despite him having a previous history there.

There was speculation that Tran was targeting a love interest after comments made by the Monterey Park chamber of commerce, but the L.A County Sheriff’s Dept. said Tran was not married, nor romantically involved with any one of those in the studio that night.

“They have not been able to establish a connection between the suspect and any of the victims, thus far,” Sheriff Luna said in a press conference Wednesday. “Not only have we found that he wasn’t married, but we have not been able to tie him in romantically to any of the victims, so far. Will that change down the road? You got to understand that when we get up here it’s to present you with facts, not just rumors, and information still may change.”

As far as a previous criminal history, Tran was  arrested in 1990 for “unlawful possession of a firearm,” and the weapon used during the mass shooting was bought in 1999, but not registered in California.

The Sheriff revealed the weapon to be a Cobray model CM11-9, more commonly known as a MAC-10. The weapon used to kill himself on the day police found him, was a Norinco pistol. There was a third firearm found by homicide detectives when raiding Tran’s residence in Hemet, that one being a Savage Arms .308 caliber bolt action rifle.

When searching Tran’s home, investigators found equipment to build homemade firearm silencers.

A block away from Star Dance Studio, detectives found a motorcycle registered under Tran’s name. It is believed the motorcycle was placed there by Tran before the shooting as a backup getaway option.

“A lot of rumors out there,” Luna said. “A lot of people sharing stories, but again, we will only put out information that we have verified through facts and evidence.”




































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