We've heard (read: made) a lot of bad excuses for getting out of jury duty — possibly even involving nonexistent cancer children — but this is a brat-tastic new L.A. low.

According to City News Service, a middle-aged Hollywood snob in the running for juror on the Sharon Stone lawsuit (currently stalled in L.A. Superior Court) has informed Judge Rex Heeseman she can't possibly consider the case neutrally, seeing as she has zero respect for Stone's work. And she's an actress herself, so the critique is coming from a place of serious artistic concern here.

Judge Heeseman, who's totally kicking himself for not talking that Superior job offer in New York Shitty, responded the only way any self-respecting man of justice could:

By ignoring her ridiculous request and ordering her back for more jury-pool whittling this afternoon.

The lawsuit against Stone is kind of batty as it is. A non-actor coincidentally named Peter Krause is suing her for a “large, concealed drop-off” he encountered at her home while wiring speakers, according to City News:

Krause maintains he slipped in mud in Stone's yard and fell onto a fence that gave way, causing him to tumble into the adjoining property. He says he injured his right knee as a result and cannot work full-time.

Something tells us the suit has more to do with 53-year-old Stone's “Basic Instinct 2” paycheck than the state of her backyard, but that will be up to the jury to decide. And if aforementioned snob makes it through to the final round, alleged distaste in tow, it could mean trouble for Stone:

“I don't really care for her,” the prospective juror told Judge Heeseman. “I feel sorry for the plaintiff.”

An “only in L.A.” moment if we've ever seen one.


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