Shaheen Sheeti: On Being the Go-to Person for Memorable Parties in Los Angeles

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Shaheen Sheeti at billionaire Nicolas Berggruen’s star-studded Halloween party at the famous Beverly Hills Hearst Estate, also known as “The Godfather” mansion, celebrities like Diplo, Tyga, Lil Baby, FaZe Banks, Sommer Ray, Josie Canseco, & Zack Bia were in attendance, accompanied by DIXON as the DJ.
 Shaheen at entrepreneur Darren Dzienciol’s annual CARN*EVIL Halloween party, where major artists Chris Brown & Tyga performed, and artists such as Becky G, Young Thug, and Robin Thicke were in attendance accompanied by a number of internet personalities: @alessandraambrosio, @wolfiecindy, @jamescharles, @jamesfgoldstein, @staskaranikolaou, @fatherkels, @josiecanseco, etc.

Los Angeles is highly regarded for its excellent and vibrant nightlife scene. After all, the City of Angels is not the entertainment capital of the world for nothing. When the sun sets, almost everyone in the city, including locals and tourists, goes out to enjoy, unwind, and have a drink or two. However, with so many people participating in after-dark revelry, it can take a lot of work to get into clubs & private events, especially those frequented by A-listers. This disappointing scenario may ruin the experience for many, which is why one esteemed promoter aims to help party lovers have a fun night filled with great memories: Shaheen Sheeti.

The remarkable young man is a respected personality in LA nightlife who runs with an elite crowd and is known for making things happen. He is a club promoter and celebrity event host connected mainly with the H.Wood group in nightlife and hospitality. The delightful professional is recognized for his signature red hat with a flower crown, making him very easy to spot even from far away.

Most Wednesday nights, he is at Poppy nightclub with nearly 200 people outside coming with him to enjoy, party, and have fun. Other bars and clubs he promotes include Bootsy Bellows, Off Sunset, Bar Lis, Delilah Jazz Night, Hyde, Doheny Room, Highlight Room, Nightingale, Warwick, and many more.

As a host, he is beloved by many for his infectious energy and fantastic charisma. In fact, every time he throws an event, hundreds and even thousands before have been requesting attendance, among them influencers, celebrities, and college sororities. Aside from his impressive portfolio as a host, Shaheen is often invited to exclusive parties, rubbing elbows with famous individuals.

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Shaheen at TikToker Dayna Marie’s influencer Halloween party, with internet personalities such as @itsluxcity, @chasedemoor, @isaakpresley, & @pokrov90 present at the event. The party was sponsored by Real Hype Creative. Major artist Akon performed & filmed a music video for his upcoming song “TikTok Freak” as well.
Shaheen was also at TikToker Chase Hudson’s influencer Halloween party at his Encino mansion with internet personalities @adamsevani, @chasekeith, @brycehall, @joshrichards, @mostlyluca in attendance.

When asked what motivated him to pursue a career as a club promoter and celebrity event host, the young man candidly explained, “When I first moved to LA, I was meeting people going out to spots like Saddle Ranch and Berkshire House, I met a guy not letting me in a party once and connected with him. So he let me in, and he asked if I was a promoter. I told him, no, then he tried me out for the job, and we had hundreds of people coming to the events. He was very impressed and put me in the clubs, and from there, I just kept building and building the roster of people I can bring to the clubs for over two years.”

Moving forward, Shaheen plans to continue being a dynamic force in the LA nightlife scene by helping more fun-loving people have the best parties and experiences. You can contact him via direct message on his Instagram @habibicheeks.

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Shaheen attending David Dobirk’s “Doughbrik’s Pizza” launch event at Bar Lis, sponsored by Jaja Tequila, Snapchat, Happy Hour Seltzer, & H.Wood’s “Sunny” vodka. Major influencers from the YouTube crew “Vlog Squad” such as @zane, @ilyafeddy, @todderic, @jasonnash were in attendance as well as influencers @tanamongeau, @josiecanseco, @airrack, @brentrivera, @lilly.

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