You better be damn proud to be an American. Those soldiers over there in Iraq and Afghanistan fight for your freedoms: like your ability to bring sex toys onto airplanes. S'okay. Whips and chains, even. And once you, er, get off (the plane), you're good to go.

But not in India, apparently. (Thank you come again is a false slogan, then).

A woman on a flight from L.A. this week …

… was nabbed at the airport in Mumbai, India for allegedly carrying undeclared and/or banned sex toys, lingerie, adult video games and jewelry.

Bringing sex toys into the country is illegal, according to the Hindustan Times. Cannot have, apparently.

The suspect was ID'd in reports as 50-year-old Bacchu Bhai. She was released but would be called in “for further investigation,” an official told NDTV.

She's a U.S. resident who reportedly flew to India via Singapore Airlines for her … daughter's wedding! (How did you know, mom?).

Actually Bhai claimed the toys were for personal use. All 5 of them.

That's a lot of personal use. (Wonder if she extra brought batteries, too).


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