We thought the Halloween limits on ex-cons who had once committed sex offenses were pretty draconian: No decorations, no opening your door for trick-or-treaters, and, for some, a roundup that had them staying at parole centers during trick-or-treat hours.

The group called California Reform Sex Offender Laws goes so far as to say the limits are unconstitutional. After all, these people did their time already.

Well, this might change our mind:

L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich reported this week that sex-offender inspections by the county probation department during Halloween and the days leading up to the quasi-holiday netted some allegedly spooky characters, including, according to Antonovich's office:

– … A probationer who had a trap door in his bedroom leading to a basement where officers found a chair and rope …

Jeez. It puts the lotion on its skin, huh?

And …

… A married couple, both on probation for molesting their own children, who had their home fully decorated for Halloween, and were in possession of drugs and child pornography.


The Los Angeles Times says five probationers in all were arrested.

Sex offenders on probation and parole are supposed to have their porch lights off and blinds and curtains closed. No Halloween decorations are allowed.

The four-day sweep was called “Operation Safe Halloween.” They should have just called it Fright Night.



LA Weekly