If you have ever lived in Venice, then you know the stinky couple upstairs likes to get it on.

And those two lovers aren't shy about their patchouli oil or their volume, either. It's like living next to a porn studio.


Turns out the folks at dating site Chemistry.com noticed the noise too.

Its latest “Sex in America” data finds that …

… Venice is the “city where sex is valued most” in all of America. Chemistry says its results are based on survey input from 10 million responses.

Too bad Chemistry.com doesn't realize that Venice is not actually a city but rather a community of Los Angeles.

It's cool though. Other than that this is probably correct. Venice is incense-wine-and-candles freaky — a veritable hot tub capital. Even the homeless' RVs are rocking.

There must be something about that salty sea air, too, because the next sex-crazed city on the top-10 list is Venice's neighbor to the north, Santa Monica.

Mind as well make a sandwich out of this pair.

Credit: Chemistry.com

Credit: Chemistry.com

And don't be jealous, Santa Monica. You topped the ranking of cities where “women value sex the most.” And West Hollywood came in second. You naughty girls.

Turns out that California has 8 of the nation's top 10 sex-valuing “cities.”

Maybe it's the weed.

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