The old stereotype of “Captain Save-A-Ho,” the sad sack who wants to fall in love with the women he pays for sex and attention, might actually have some truth to it.

A new study by L.A. sex expert Christine Milrod and George Washington University sociology Professor Ronald Weitzer found that one out of three men who employ ladies- (and, we guess, other men) of-the-night want a real relationship as well as a personal training session in bed:

Researchers analyzed 2,442 postings from the message-and-review site The Erotic Review to come up with this conclusion. The study was published in the journal Men and Masculinities.

The authors argue that the so-called Girlfriend Experience (GFE) has evolved into an encounter involving …

… mutual sharing, support, and companionship. . .This type of sexual commerce offers intangible benefits that mirror unpaid relationships–except that the amity and intimacy are paid for.


A significant portion of these clients discover, at some point, that they want some emotional connection in addition to the sexual component.

Aw. So cuddly and pathetic at the same time. Is that what those Secret Service Agents were really searching for in Colombia?

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