Top 10 Saskatoon OnlyFans

Top Saskatoon OnlyFans LAW

The great Canadian North is known for moose, forests, and cold weather. There is nobody who can keep you warm in the cold winter months better than the Saskatoon OnlyFans models featured below. From hardcore anal porn tapes to beautifully photographed nude modeling pics and everything between, we have found that the YXE OnlyFans community is filled with open-minded, friendly, and dirty performers and models ready to fulfill your desires. We have worked hard to find the ten hottest OnlyFans Saskatoon accounts, each one as unique and exciting as the next.

We are certain that once you read through these naughty profiles and check out their spicy pics, you will find a new favorite Canuck beauty or two. So go ahead and read on and find out exactly what the prairies of Canada have to offer.

Best OnlyFans Saskatoon: Featured This Month

Best Saskatoon OnlyFans Girls:

  1. Alinity – Beautiful Only Fans Saskatoon Babe
  2. Andyphucter – Tattooed Male Saskatoon OnlyFans Burlesque Performer
  3. Daemyra – Fetish Friendly and Fun YXE OnlyFans Girl
  4. Kayla Kruze – Saskatoon OnlyFans with Uncensored B/G and G/G Sex Tapes
  5. Jenna – Thick Blonde Saskatoon Only Fans Girl
  6. Pussy Worship – Absolutely Orgasmic Only Fans Saskatoon Page
  7. Fakezsmilzm1lf – Versatile YXE OnlyFans Girl with a Full Menu of Options to Choose From
  8. Camille YXE – Famous OnlyFans Star thanks to Camille.YXE Leaked Pics
  9. Keni – Tattooed Metalhead Saskatoon OnlyFans Girl
  10. The Dead Girl – Petite and Private Saskatoon OnlyFans Content Creator

Best 10 Saskatoon OnlyFans

#1. Alinity – One of the Most Popular Saskatoon OnlyFans Girls

@alinity LAW


  • 850+ media files
  • $10 per month

Where to Follow:

Alinity does not say much on her bio page, but we can see from her profile pic and her banner that she is a young, smooth-skinned woman with a gorgeous face and a smokin’ bod. We scrolled down a bit to get a taste of the type of content she is posting and were pleasantly surprised to be able to read some of the descriptions of what her photo sets and videos contain. 

Following her account for just $10 a month will give you acccess to titty pics, spread open legs, sexy outfits, feet, short- and long-form videos, twerking, sexy poses, g-strings, and a whole lot more.

Her YXE OnlyFans page is very popular, with over 589K likes, so you know that the content alone will be well worth your subscription, not to mention her personal replies to all of her DMs. You can send her a little something extra in tip-form to get noticed faster, and she has posted a tip menu for all of the other sexy services this pretty little thing provides in her archive.


#2. Andyphucter – Dom Male Saskatoon OnlyFans Burlesque Performer

@andyphucter LAW


  • 70 posts
  • $5 per month

Where to Follow:

A big boy with lots of tattoos, Andy Phucter is a male model whose Twitter bio claims he “gets around and does all the experiences with all the people. But don’t worry, he keeps coming back for more. He came, he saw, Andy Phucter.” He is a gregarious, fun burlesque-style performer and MC, and you know that he knows how to entertain his fans. That said, he is also dominant and into BDSM and making homemade porn of all kinds, and he takes requests, so if you are looking to be told what to do and how to do it by a tattooed Canadian man or want to see full Burlesque routines and uncensored content, Andy is the guy for you.

#3. Daemyra – Erotic XXX Saskatoon OnlyFans Poly Brat

@inccubabe LAW


  • 1K+ media files
  • $9.45 per month

Where to Follow:

If you want to see foot fetish content, masturbation videos, half nudes and full-body nudes, BDSM content, ass play, boy-girl porn videos, drool and spit clips, squirt videos, and POV pictures and vids, then Daemyra’s Only Fans Saskatoon content is sure to meet your horny needs. On top of all of that, they are also into writing intensely hot erotica, and they make moaning audio recordings guaranteed to get you off in seconds.

Ordering custom content from Demyra is easy, but you do need to be patient as they it all by themself. Send payment in advance, with a respectful message, and Daemyra is happy to do what you request, including things like JOI or CEI, findom content, or even some types of fetish-play content. 

Be sure to ask for what you want, because they are happy to indulge their fans in the things that make them feel good. For a little extra attention from your new favorite YXE OnlyFans creator, you can purchase something from their wishlist like sexy goth chokers, makeup and art supplies, or stickers and snacks. Don’t wait any longer, subscribe to their page to watch some truly sensational and sexy content.

#4. Kayla Kruze – Saskatoon OnlyFans Throat Goat

@kaylakruze LAW


  • 150+ posts
  • $50 per month

Where to Follow:

Do you love blowjob vids by a girl with a big round ass? Kayla is the self-described “throat goat” and for good reason, as her oral sex tapes are one in a million. Her subscription fee is high at $50 per month, but that does not stop her from earning thousands of likes on her content, so you know that her guy on girl porn videos and sexy solo toy play masturbation content is well worth the price. She also makes girl on girl lesbian content with her Saskatoon Only Fans girlfriends, and shows her fans what she likes to do in the bath and shower as she gets wet and wild.

If you subscribe now, Kayla is offering a great price of $20, which is 60% off her usual monthly fee. You can enjoy all of her uncensored, unmuted fuck videos and kinky pics for less than the cost of a cheap meal. Give Kayla a follow now and enjoy all of her spicy, fully nude and lewd content. You won’t be sorry.

#5. Jenna – Cock Rating Saskatoon OnlyFans Girl

@jennifers play room LAW


  • 130+ posts
  • $15 per month


They say that blondes have more fun, which you will see if you decide to check out Jenna’s spicy Saskatoon OnlyFans page for yourself. She is a gorgeous girl with pretty features and a thicc ultra curvy body with a gorgeous round ass and twerking videos that have earned her over 2.7K likes. Subscribing to her content will get you lots of satisfying jack off material. Watch her play by herself in over 70 videos, and check out 150+ pictures of that ass, those tits, and what she can do with them.

If you are interested in hearing from Jenna herself about what you can bring to the table, she is down to do cock ratings. But be warned, she is very discerning and knows what she is talking about, so make sure you send her only your very best picture of your throbbing member. 

She will let you know exactly what she wants to do with that hard cock, and she will tell you what she thinks of the way it looks (along with your photo quality). This good looking Canadian babe is ready to hear from you now, so hit that subscribe button and make her day.

#6. Pussy Worship  – Sensual and Hedonistic Saskatoon OnlyFans Creator

@theexquisite artofsex LAW


  • 600+ likes
  • 260+ posts
  • $50 per month

We love a mysterious babe like Pussy Worship. Not only does she not give us any hints as to what you will see on her page, she also does not show her face in her profile at all. There is something alluring to seeing a flat stomach, an obscured topless woman, and a description that tells you a lot without telling you anything specific. She describes herself as a sensual domme who worships the pussy and does genital massages. She is a “conscious hedonist” and an exotic muse who believes in orgasmic living, and her page mentions labia art.

In scrolling down a bit more, we see that she has recently posted a photo set with her feet with her pussy showing that a fan had requested. Below that is a post about blindfolded sensory massage with noise-cancelling headphones and different types of touch, and a post about a shaved butthole with dildo, so there is certainly a lot of versatile content on this page to explore. Subscribe now to find out what else there is to see on this YXE Onlyfans page.


#7. Fakezsmilzm1lf – Best YXE OnlyFans MILF Who Takes Requests

@fakezsmilzmomm LAW


  • 220+ likes
  • 20+ posts
  • $10 per month


A true MILF (mom you’d like to fuck), Fakezsmilzm1lf will put a real smile on your face with her long and detailed list of services she is willing to offer to her fans. She has an open and transparent price list that is easy to understand, providing a whole lot of custom content that will satisfy your sexual urges instantly. Some of the services she has include dick rating, dom/sub texting custom nude or lingerie photo sets and videos (with toys or anal play if you want), and you can pay extra for her to talk dirty or to say your name in the video.

If you want to know what this Saskatoon OnlyFans MILF smells like and have something to hold onto that belonged to her, she is selling her socks and her panties, with the shipping included in the price. You can pay extra for these items to be worn during sex or masturbation, for them to be worn for more than one day, or any other requests. Just send her a message before sending the money so she knows exactly what you want her to do for you.


#8. Camille – YXE OnlyFans Hot and Sexy Superstar

@camille.yxe LAW


  • 80+ media files
  • $11.11 per month

Where to Follow:

With a huge social media following, it is no wonder that Camille.yxe nude pics and vids are so popular. She is a beautiful and fit brunette wild woman who understands exactly what her fans want and how to give it to them. As a fairly new OnlyFans model, she is eager to please and posts often, with hot nude pics, gorgeous boobs and ass shots, and a whole lot more sexy content. 

She clearly has a good sense of humor as well, quoting the wolfpack speech given by Allan in the movie The Hangover before welcoming her followers to her own wolfpack. We stan a funny queen. Follow Camllie.yxe OnlyFans for high-quality content you can’t see anywhere else, even though there have been a few Camille.yxe leaked photos there is plenty more new, exclusive content available now on her Saskatoon OnlyFans account.



#9. Keni – Little Metalhead Chick with Saskatoon OnlyFans Page

@princess of pain LAW


  • 100+ posts
  • $15 per month


Keni is a true blue Canadian girl, with a hardcore attitude and tattoos on her stomach, thighs, arms, and ribs. Some things you can find out from her profile include the fact that she listens to metal music, she likes cats, she smokes weed, and she absolutely loves to fuck. Her profile is fairly straightforward, all you have to do is click the subscribe button and you will have access to hundreds of dirty pics, sexy videos, and the chance to chat with her in your DMs (if you are lucky). So follow her now and enjoy the ride, trust us, it will be worth it. Canadian chicks from the prairies are a special type of bad girl.


#10.The Dead Girl – Petite Saskatoon Only Fans Content Creator

@thedeadgirl15 LAW


  • 190+ likes
  • 19 posts
  • $7 per month


What is it about these Saskatoon OnlyFans creators that makes them so irresistable? Is it that they are a good mix of cute and hardcore? Or is it that you know that once you break through the barrier and get to know them they will welcome you with open legs? 

TheDeadGirl is a clearly private girl who does not want her friends and family to know she is on OnlyFans, but she is also very open to creating customs for you. Just send her a message with your request and she just may make your petite fuck buddy fantasies come to life. She is a tiny 21-year-old woman who is just 5’1 and 95 lbs, so if you are a fan of girls on the smaller side, she is definitely your type.


Frequently Asked Questions About Saskatoon OnlyFans Models

Can You Use OnlyFans in Canada?

Yes, it is legal to use OnlyFans in Canada, as long as you are aged 18 years or older, and you abide by the terms of use on the website (no posting non-consensual, illegal, or underage content, for example). If you are a Saskatoon OnlyFans content creator who wants to sell your naked pictures, XXX videos, used panties, and lewd images on the site, then it is also important to keep in mind that in Canada, your OnlyFans account will be counted as running your own business.

You will likely need to register for a GST number, especially if you start making the big bucks (over $30,000 per year), and you will have to pay taxes on your earnings at the end of the tax year in April. Your earnings on OnlyFans are only what you take into your bank account, after OnlyFans takes their 20% cut.

The good news is that you can also claim your work expenses like ring lights, outfits, lube, subscriptions, camera equipment, etc. and they will be considered legitimate business expenses. While it is not fun to think about taxes when setting up your Saskatoon OnlyFans account, it is an important consideration that will affect your overall earnings and it will help you determine how much you really want to charge for each photo or video.

How Do You Get Paid on OnlyFans Saskatoon?

Saskatoon OnlyFans girls get paid the same way any Canadian Only Fans performer gets paid. When you make your account, along with giving them your name and email, you also need to connect your bank account with the site. It may feel a bit invasive to provide proof of your identity and your banking information, but the site is legitimate and safe to use, with multiple protections available to avoid hacking.

Once your banking information is verified by the OnlyFans people, you can start earning money. The site takes 20% off the top of everything you earn, and the rest goes directly to you. Because OnlyFans is a UK company, payment is not instantaneous. You have to cash out by making a “Pay Out Request”, and withdrawals can take up to 5 business days to show up in your bank account, so some pre-planning is needed to be able to pay your bills and other expenses using your Only Fans Saskatoon money.

How Much Does the Average Canadian Make on OnlyFans?

Sadly, most Saskatchewan OnlyFans creators are not making enough from their OnlyFans to pay the bills. The average amount made on the side is only $160 to $250 USD per month, or around $215 to $340 CAD. There are ways to maximize the amount of money you can make on the site.

The first, and most important thing that will bring people to your page is social media. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit are often the sites that YXE OnlyFans creators will utilize to get eyes on their OF pages. Otherwise, there will be nobody to pay your subscription fee or buy your pay per view videos, no matter how good they are.

Which brings us to point number two: you need to have good content. Make sure that whatever you post is something you can be proud of, and something that will not insult your subscribers. They are paying real money to see what you are putting out there, so make it worth their while. It is also a good idea to post regularly. OnlyFans has a scheduling service built into the platform, so even if you are going to be away from the computer for a few days, you can pre-arrange posts to come out on certain days. This will keep your fans coming back for more, and make them feel valued.

Posting niche content is much more likely to make you money than the same old generic stuff over and over again. You want to give people something they have never seen before. Incorporate your hobbies, bring your occupation into play (if it won’t get you in trouble), or make use of that huge butt, full-sleeve tattoos, or other notable physical attributes. Whatever it is that you have, somebody out there wants to see it. Show it off!

Last but not least, be responsive. If somebody sends you a message and you don’t respond, they may feel slighted and unsubscribe. Making your fans feel valued is a big part of being an OnlyFans creator. There is enough free porn online to keep everybody busy without needing to pay a cent. They are paying to get to know you as a person. The more work you put into developing relationships with your followers, the more they will want to give you in return.

Does OnlyFans Notify If You Screenshot?

No, OnlyFans does not send a screenshot notification to the creators, and technically it is not illegal to take a screenshot of an OnlyFans account in Canada, if you are planning on keeping the copy just for your own personal use. That said, it is shady business stealing content from hard working creators. You should never use their pics and videos without their consent, and if you do try to post it elsewhere online (like the Camille.XYE leaked pics on Reddit), then legal action can be taken against you.

If you really want to save or download something from the site, why not ask the content creator if it is ok. They may ask you to pay a small fee, but will probably be happy to allow you to purchase their work. Making money is why they are posting online, after all.

Is Free OnlyFans Safe?

Yes, it is safe to subscribe to a free OnlyFans account as long as you take proper steps to protect your privacy and your data. We recommend that you use a secure email account that is separate from your everyday email or work email address to sign up, and use a unique password and fake username (a pseudonym). Never share where you work, what your real name is, or where you are located with anybody on the site, even your favourite creators. And finally, keep a close watch on your financial accounts like your credit card statement so that if there is ever any fraudulent activity, you will spot it right away. For additional security, you may wish to use a VPN that will mask your IP address so your physical location cannot be detected.

Is Having An OnlyFans in Canada Illegal?

No, having an OnlyFans account in Canada is completely legal, as long as you are paying your taxes correctly and not doing anything illegal on your page, because pornography is legal in Canada. All content must be consensual, with everybody of legal age (18+ adults only).

Is It Cheating If I Buy an OnlyFans?

The answer to this question really depends on your individual relationship with your partner. Some people are much more open to the idea of watching pornography and chatting to other people, while others do not like the idea and would consider it cheating.

If you want to join Saskatoon OnlyFans but are not sure whether your partner will be angry, it is a good idea to have a frank and open discussion with them to find out what their boundaries are, and to discuss your own as well. These types of honest talks will keep your relationship healthy, and will let you know whether your partner is truly right for you.



Canadian performers and creators on OnlyFans are spicy, sweet, and fun, and we hope that in following the ten people we have linked to, you have found your new addiction. We have seen everything from ultra-artistic, massage-loving baddies to MILFs with mile-long tip menus, burlesque performers, and amateur porn stars. You can be certain that whatever it is you are in the mood for, a Saskatoon OnlyFans performer will be up to the task of doing it for you.

Saskatchewan is known for having harsh, long, and snowy winters, with little sunshine and temperatures that drop to -40 degrees Celsius. We have to wonder if these ultra-cold winter months are to thank for the hot and horny content these people are making, because they have to spend so much time indoors. Whatever it is, it is certainly true that Saskatoon OnlyFans creators are unique, good looking, and fun to follow. So who are you going to subscribe to next?


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