Mimi Traillette, 29, is an artist living in Montreal, Canada. She made this font, inspired by severed limbs. It was for a design contest at DesignSponge. She did not win.

Why aren't the limbs dripping blood? Did you think about blood at all?

At first I was going to put some blood in there, but I felt like it would be easier to read without drips and puddles!

Was it difficult deciding what each limb should wear? Fishnet stockings, or socks, or shoes, or pants…there are so many possibilities. Did you consider and discard any options? Leg warmers maybe? Uggs?

It wasn't really difficult to decide what each letter would be wearing. Being an old punk-rocker, I just drew what came up in my mind and I guess they're just wearing what I wear anyway; jeans, chucks and cowboy boots. And sometimes heels. I wanted a bit of a feminine element in it.

I see the letters are lowercase. Did you make an uppercase set?

I'm a bit of a spelling and grammar freak (at least in French cause that's my first language) but the uppercase/lowercase thing doesn't bother me. Sometimes I don't even put a capital letter to my name! I didn't make any numbers either, I don't really like counting.

What inspired the severed leg font? Severed limbs and typefaces aren't things I'd normally put together.

Maybe I was still a bit caught up in all the Halloween zombie movies, but I was wondering what would be fun to turn into letters, and limbs came really fast. Maybe it's because I've already sewn some severed arms for an art show. It was either limbs or trying to make a typeface with my cat.

Do you have any plans to make this a fully functional typeface that people can use in their word-processing documents and such?

I wasn't planning on turning this into a fully functional font, but during the vote a bunch of people left comments saying they would love to be able to download and use all the fonts in the contest, someone was even saying they would love to use mine for their Christmas cards! I have a really, really vague idea of how to create a font, but I don't have time to try and figure it out right now because I'm preparing for a big designer showcase here in Montreal, the Smart Design Mart and then I'm organizing a little art market in a gallery. Maybe after the holidays I'll try to see how to do this. Or I was thinking of making a downloadable .psd file with each letter on a layer, but it's much less practical.

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