Sergio Peñuelas Sets His Hook at Cheko El Rey del Sarandeado

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Coni'Seafood chef Sergio Peñuelas has taken his most famous dish, the grilled whole snook or pescado zarandeado, and relocated it to Cheko El Rey del Sarandeado in Long Beach. 

In the restaurant's colorful, aquatic-themed building, you'll sit under a life-size sea turtle suspended beneath the skylight. In addition to the grilled snook, the menu offers shrimp in any number of ways: fried, grilled, sauteed in spicy butter or stuffed into tacos, as well as in goblets of shrimp coctel.
As for the snook (which takes 20 to 30 minutes to cook), it’s as good as ever. And while you're waiting for your pescado zarandeado, try the shrimp aguachiles — butterflied raw shrimp arranged in a circle on the plate. Peñuelas’ marlin tacos are available here, too. 

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