Rapper Serengeti has a new album out next week called Saal. After a string of works on Anticon, this is the arty and introspective MC's first for Savannah label Graveface. It features less rappity-rapping and more spare beats with singing. As is often the case when he's not rhyming as his alter ego Kenny Dennis (who now has a mug for sale, by the way) it's depressing as all hell in the best possible way.

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We suggested to Serengeti (aka Chicago native Dave Cohn, who sometimes inhabits Glassell Park) that his new album was influenced by his 2012 collaboration with Sufjan Stevens. He did not agree with this, however.

In any case, we've got an exclusive new song from him, called “Queen Wasn't Content.” It's a bonus track from Saal, it's produced by Sicker Man, and you can hear it below.

From the press release:

To pre-order the LP or CD, go to www.graveface.com/graveface-catalog.html

LP: Record Club members receive blood red and baby blue haze vinyl. All RC copies hand-numbered. First retail pressing is on electric blue and blood red a side b side vinyl. All customers receive an 11×17 promo poster. Vinyl will be in your hands by 2.12. Mp3s will be emailed when the vinyl goes out.

CD: The CD is packaged in an uncoated recycled sleeve. All customers receive an 11×17 retail poster. CDs will be in your hands by 2.12. Mp3s will be emailed when the CDs go out.

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