Sepultura Arises in LA: Brazilian thrash metal veterans Sepultura join forces with classic US thrashers Sacred Reich and sludge merchants Crowbar, plus the Art of Shock, for a deafening night at the Belasco.

This writer chatted with Sepultura frontman Derrick Green in 2017, and he said of being in the band that, “For me, it’s such an experience that I guess it’s really difficult for people to imagine being in this position. For me, feeling like the new guy went out the door many years ago.”

“I think [the band has] evolved the same way that we have — as individuals,” Green says. “A lot of things have been happening in our lives personally and socially and all around us, even politically. So many things have changed — technology and everything around us. The world is constantly evolving and changing. I think we’ve been able to go with those changes as a band and embrace a lot of the experience we have from traveling and going around the world, meeting different people and being open to new music. It has such a tremendous impact on the evolution of the band, and you can hear that through the evolution of the many albums that we’ve put out until today. Each one is extremely important because they’re all connected to each other, and I think it brings us to where we are today.”

Sepultura Arises in LA: The event takes place at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 8 at the Belasco.



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