Sen. Dianne Feinstein, gettin' stuff done! The California Democrat's “Saving Kids From Dangerous Drug Act of 2010” passed the Senate last week. It sounds innocent enough — who could be against saving kids from dangerous drugs? — but also introduces new penalties on drugs made to resemble or taste like “candy products” or products modified by coloring or flavoring, reports the liberal blog FireDogLake. That kind of wording could mean trouble for anyone who likes their pot in brownie or other edible forms, as many medical marijuana users indeed do.

The bill would have to pass the House and then get signed into law (or Congress would have to override a presidential veto) to go into effect. Given the sour relations between the House and Senate, as well as the members' desire to spend more time campaigning and less time legislating, there's no guarantee this thing will pass.

The federal government has taken a hands-off approach to medical marijuana dispensaries here in California, so it's not clear that this would have any impact on people here.

But what if Prop 19 passes and marijuana becomes legal in California? This is the great unknown. The federal government can't require local and state law enforcement to enforce federal law, though the feds wouldn't be prevented from enforcing federal drug laws with federal agents.

Feinstein is opposed to Prop 19.

The purpose of this, ostensibly, is to prevent the spread of “candy-flavored drugs,” which apparently are some sort of scourge we were unaware of……

LA Weekly