LA-based synthpop artist Mark Lane, who was featured in LA Weekly last December, appears in the new documentary about '80s cassette culture, Grindstone Redux.

The film, which was featured earlier this month at the West Hollywood International Film Festival, includes interviews with ten artists from the North American electronic and experimental underground who used cassette recording as a means of both releasing their work and collaborating with other artists. The documentary was directed by Andrew Szava-Kovats, an active producer of cassette releases during the decade.

Throughout the documentary, Lane discusses his involvement in cassette culture both as a musician and as founder of On-Slaught, one of the era's better known zines dealing with electronic music and culture. The DVD release features live footage of Lane from 1987, when he was living and touring in Europe. Two of his songs “3rd Party” and “Graveyard II” are featured on the documentary's soundtrack album.

Lane currently has some new releases in the works, so stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, check out this stop animation video for his track “Atomium.” The video was created by artist Martha Wilcox.


Mark Lane “Atomium,” video by Martha Wilcox

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