Crave the gall and balls of '70's glam rock, with its shameless flamboyance, and sleazy hook-filled sonic flair? Head on down to the Viper Room tonight to see Semi Precious Weapons, playing the second of a three night engagement.

We caught the New York-based band last year and were blown away by singer Justin Tranter's vampy persona and energy. The songs are ridiculously catchy, the riffs are ravaging, and the whole package is just… big. (Though the androgynous Tranter often wears tights and spandex get-ups, no double entendre intended).

Perez Hilton is presenting, an endorsement of note for fans of his popular site, if a turn-off for serious music heads. Those averse to bitchy and bodacious characters probably aren't the SPR demo anyway. Still, under the glitz, this band's got the goods. See for yourself on their YouTube channel.

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