Semenax Reviews: Does it Work? Legit or Fake Pills

Semenax is a nutritional supplement for men that increases semen volume.

A low ejaculation volume can affect men at any age. Some men are naturally prone to a lower semen volume. Most men also lose volume as they age, and that loss can seem irreversible even with a proper diet and regular exercise. A recent study by the World Health Organization found that semen production peaks at about 30 to 35 years old and that most mean reach their lowest total by age 55.

Semenax is a dietary supplement containing natural substances with semen-boosting properties, and the company behind the product claims a 20% increase for the average man.

While some people are understandably skeptical, there are many men on the Internet who swear by it. Interested to find out for ourselves, we ordered a bottle of Semenax and set to work on our review.

Semenax: What It Is and What It Is Not

Most urologists agree that men with good prostrate health should focus on four key areas for maximized ejaculate volume: hydration, nutrition, exercise and managed stress.

Semenax is a nutritional supplement with a formula aimed at increasing semen volume. It can increase seminal vesicle fluids, which constitute 70% of the ejaculate volume, and prostate gland fluid, which constitutes 25% of the ejaculate volume. It can also increase seminal plasma to some degree.

With the core fluids increased, the ejaculate volume is increased. The average man in clinical trials had his ejaculate volume increased by 20%. This can enhance sexual performance from both a physical and mental standpoint, but it is important to note that Semenax cannot increase sperm count.

How Semenax Works

Semenax works by providing your body with the key nutrients used in the production of seminal vesicle fluids, prostate gland fluid and seminal plasma. It also provides essential nutrients that promote testosterone production. Low testosterone is also a problem in older men, and higher levels of testosterone trigger the production of semen so that you not only have more of it but have it sooner. Note that Semenax is more effective as all of these nutrients accumulate in the body over time.

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Semenax Reviews: A Personal Experience

I have reviewed many nutritional supplements over the years and often work as part of a review team. Due to the nature of this product, our Semenax review played out differently. Those team members who wanted to participate each reviewed the product on their own. My wife—who is not normally a reviewer but a dietitian—served as my partner for this particular review and was invaluable.

Male performance enhancement supplements are notoriously difficult to review. Semenax was no exception and perhaps the most challenging of any product I have ever reviewed. I am sure you can imagine the difficulties of measuring semen without me getting into the sordid details.

There were challenges beyond the comparison as well. Your ejaculate volume is not constant. It goes up and down based on a wide range of factors. One of those factors is the frequency with which you have sex or masturbate. In order to review this product well, a person has to do both—a lot. That in turn lowers ejaculate volume and makes the whole notion of a scientific comparison unfeasible.

I therefore have to go with subjective observations for this review. Did it work for me? Yes, I believe it did. I am in my 40s and have absolutely noticed a decline in volume since my 30s, which was my peak according to the WHO. I did not experience much during the first two weeks. At some point by the end of the first month, both my wife and I agreed that I was producing substantially more volume.

Was it 20% more? Hard to say, but what caught me off guard was the orgasm intensity. I had gone into this review aware that there were claims of a link between volume and feel. It makes sense I guess but is not something I gave much mind to until I experienced it. It is not hyperbole when I say I have been enjoying some of the best orgasms of my life, and that alone makes this product a winner in my eyes.

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Results, Time Period and Expectations

I have vetted numerous Semenax customer reviews in which the user experienced gains within the first week. These tended to be younger users. My presumption is that they were already producing at a high level and that using this product just helped to make them more consistent on that front.

The company behind Semenax asserts that the average customer will need two to three weeks of usage to see results. This was my experience as well. I was actually toward the longer end of that range, and there are many users age 50 and up who did not experience results until week four or five.

It is difficult for anyone to confirm a 20% gain, but most consumers who reviewed the product were satisfied with the results. I feel like the few who were not satisfied did not have realistic expectations. One negative reviewer in particular made several Semenax complaints and then admitted to binge drinking, not getting enough water, not exercising and eating fast foods more often than not.

The Active Ingredients in Semenax

What follows is a brief breakdown of the most important ingredients included in the Semenax formula. A more extensive list is available via the Semenax official website.

– Epimedium Sagittatum: This flower—often called horny goat weed—has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. It is one of the oldest known natural treatments for erectile dysfunction, and it increases blood flow and promotes healthier erections.

– Hawthorn Berry: This berry is a popular ingredient in nutritional supplements because it improves circulation and thus can lead to better heart health. It is included in Semenax because the increased circulation makes it easier to achieve an erection and makes erections harder.

– L-arginine: This amino acid naturally occurs in the body and is taken legally by many professional athletes for its ability to improve blood flow, reduce blood pressure and increase muscle oxygenation.

– L-carnitine: This is also a naturally occurring amino acid and a popular dietary supplement because it provides benefits for weight loss and increased mental focus. There is also clinical research that it helps to promote the production of testosterone, which is the main reason to include it in Semenax.

– L-lysine: This is perhaps the most clinically studied of the amino acids that naturally occur in the human body. It is popular as a supplement because it helps prevent cold sores, reduces stress and anxiety, enhances calcium absorption and retention and much more. It is also known to improve circulation, boost hormone production and increase both testosterone and semen production.

– Maca Root: Maca root is sold on its own as a sexual performance enhancer for men and women. It is used as a natural ED treatment and is believed to increase the libido and improve fertility.

– Muira Puama: This bush from the Amazon region has long been used in traditional medicine to make various medications. People native to that region use it to enhance sex drive, and they use it to treat erectile dysfunction, menstrual disorders and other health issues related to reproduction.

– Pine Bark Extract: This extract is one of the best ways to increase nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide is directly used in the process of achieving an erection, maintaining it and ejaculating.

– Pumpkin Seeds: Raw pumpkin seeds are highly nutritional and provide numerous health benefits. They are often recommended to older men because they have been shown to improve prostate health due to phytosterol. They also contain benign prostatic hyperplasia, and BPH is vital to hormone balance.

– Swedish Flower: This plant has been used as medicine since the 1300s. It has been shown to improve prostrate health, and a healthy prostate is essential to a maximized ejaculate volume.

– Zinc Aspartate and Oxide: Zinc is often prescribed by doctors to treat a wide range of sexual issues. In fact, most erectile dysfunction cases are caused by a zinc deficiency. Ensuring that you are getting the recommend upper limit of zinc is essential to strong erections and a maximized ejaculate volume.

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Dosage and How to Take Semenax

The recommended dosage is four Semenax pills per day. You should take two pills at a time and separate your dosages by around 12 hours. As with most nutritional supplements, you should ideally take them with a glass of water and just prior to a meal or snack. Doing so makes absorption more effective and efficient. The times that you take the supplement are up to you, but it is strongly encouraged that you get into a routine because your body will respond better to it. For my routine, I took two pills in the morning with breakfast and the other two pills in the evening with dinner.

People Who Should Use Semenax

Any male age 18 and up that wants to enhance their orgasms and increase their ejaculate volume—or make it more consistent in the case of the younger fellows—should take Semenax. It has also proved effective for men who were suffering from a low libido or who had low testosterone levels due to age.

People Who Should Avoid Semenax

Anyone with a preexisting medical condition or who is currently taking medication should consult with their doctor and pharmacist prior to taking the supplement. People under age 18 should not take the supplement due to a lack of clinical research regarding the core ingredients and young people, and women can take the supplement but should not when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Final Thoughts and Purchasing Recommendations

I have never before reviewed a semen volume enhancer. It was not a review I was particularly looking forward to, and that makes this product a very pleasant surprise. I cannot stress enough the difference this product made for me in terms of orgasm intensity, and that has made me a fan.

As for the enhanced volume, I like it in the sense that it is directly linked to orgasm intensity and length. In a vacuum, I could take or leave the volume. This probably matters more to men in the adult film industry and perhaps younger men. On the other hand, my wife seems more enthused than I expected.

The safe advice is to purchase a single bottle and determine if Semenax is right for you. But there is a money-back guarantee and significant discounts available for multi-bottle purchases. My initial supply was for three months and purchased on my behalf. When I reupped for personal use, I just went with the year supply because it dropped the price of each bottle by almost 50%!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions I encountered when vetting Semenax reviews:

  1. Is Semenax a Legitimate Supplement?

Yes. Examine the list of active ingredients. All of the Semenax ingredients are natural ingredients that have been extensively tested in clinical environments. You can look all of these substances up online via a website like Healthline and vet them for yourself. I have seen some consumer concern over a lack of FDA approval, but the FDA does not review supplements because they are not authorized to do so.

  1. Is Semenax Legal to Purchase and Use?

Yes. None of the ingredients in the Semenax formula are controlled substances. The product is legal to purchase and use in all 50 states in America. I am unsure of the laws concerning Semenax in other countries, but the company behind Semenax has an international phone number and customer support team. It ships the product around the world, and its website supports more than a dozen languages.

  1. Do You Need a Prescription for Semenax and Should You See a Doctor?

Semenax does not require a prescription in the U.S. I do not know of a semen volume enhancer supplement that does. This also true in most other countries as far as I know.

As for seeing a doctor, it is never a bad idea. However, there is no reason for the average user of Semenax to see a doctor just for this supplement. The active ingredients are all quite common. If, on the other hand, you have a medical condition and/or are taking medicine, then you absolutely should consult with all relevant physicians in addition to speaking with your pharmacist.

  1. Can You Take Semenax With Medications?

There is always some potential for negative interactions when it comes to medications and dietary supplements, and you should therefore touch base with your doctors and pharmacist. Such interactions are rare, however, and when they do occur, they tend to be minor.

One of the biggest issues with medications and supplements is the medicine causing the nutrients in the supplement not to be absorbed to some degree or at all. There was the potential for this with a recent medicine I was taking, and my pharmacist had me schedule that dosage 6 hours after taking Semenax.

  1. Can You Take Semenax With Other Supplements?

Absolutely. Of course, you need to take the same precautions that you would when mixing any nutritional supplements. Determine what your daily upper limits are for all of the substances you are taking. These will vary based on gender, age, weight and so forth. Then, make a combined list of what you plan to take and ensure that you do not exceed those limits. Taking Semenax put me over the limit with zinc, so I changed my multivitamin in order to get back under the limit.

>The official Semenax website and scientific studies can be found here!

  1. Is Semenax Safe to Use?

Yes. I have been using it for four months now and would recommend it to a family member—if I was willing to have that discussion. I did not come across any reviews that mentioned health problems related to the product. The company behind Semenax has also performed a number of clinical trials, and there has never been a negative outcome that occurred during those trials.

  1. Are There Known Side Effects?

There are no known Semenax side effects for the general population. All of the ingredients are natural and have been approved for human consumption. If you have particular allergies, there is the potential for side effects, and in that case, you should consult with a doctor prior to using Semenax.

  1. Does the Semenax Formula Work?

It worked for me. The sheer number of verified consumer reviews that are positive are a clear indication that the formula has worked for many other men as well. While I have not personally compared it against any other semen-enhancing supplement, the user reviews indicate that Semenax fares well in that regard as well. No competing product compares when it comes to customer satisfaction.

  1. When Can You Expect Results?

Many users report results as early as the first week. The makers of the product advise that it may take at least three weeks, and I would caution that four to five weeks is not unusual. If you complete the fifth week and still do not see results, you are still well within your window to request a refund.

  1. How Do You Purchase Semenax?

Semenax is only sold through the official website for the product. The company offers a secure online payment process, and 24/7 dedicated customer support is available to provide any help you may need. The ordering process is straightforward, and you can pay in four currencies other than the U.S. dollar. Leading Edge Health accepts most major credit cards in addition to PayPal and PayPal Credit. There are shipping charges, which depend on the destination and courier used. You can get free shipping worldwide either by opting for a multi-bottle supply or by choosing the home delivery program. This program automatically rebills each month and sends you a new bottle so that you never run out.

  1. Is There a Refund Policy?

Yes. With each purchase, Leading Edge Health offers a 100% money-back guarantee. They refer to it as an “empty container guarantee” because you are able to send back up to two empty containers plus any additional unopened containers. Better yet, the refund period is an impressive 67 days long. That means that you could use the pills for eight weeks and still have plenty of time to process a refund. Most users see results by the end of week three, which makes this policy very consumer friendly.

  1. Are the Concerns About Fake Semenax Real?

Yes. Semenax is manufactured in a cGMP-compliant facility that conforms to the highest standards for manufacturing and packaging dietary supplements. Those products are then sold directly from on-site warehouses. This gives you peace of mind that you are receiving a quality product that is safe to use.

You may at times find what seems like Semenax sold through websites like eBay and Amazon. The bulk of these products are actually knockoffs made by Chinese companies. They may be made in unsafe environments using potentially dangerous techniques. These products also do not contain the actual Semenax formula and likely do not feature an actual ejaculate volume enhancer at all.

There are also actual Semenax bottles that have been acquired outside of the official supply chain. This often involves theft. It also occurs that a palette may be marked to be destroyed but instead winds up in the hands of a reseller. In both cases, these genuine products are no longer safe to consume.

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