Parties are fun, and who doesn't like masturbation?

We'll give you a few minutes to respond.




OK now that the squares have opened a new tab (or Tab, depending on what decade you're in) it's time for AfterDarkLA to suggest an outing for Thursday night. – a website devoted to self-love, sexploration and anything to do with why literally fucking yourself is a-OK – has relaunched with a new design and new content, and there's a hip and cool party planned to celebrate.

WHEN: Thursday, Aug. 4, from 7 p.m.-midnight.

WHERE: 1205 S. Hill St. (A new art gallery downtown that's way cooler than your mom's house.)

WHO: It's open to the public (unlike your usual routine.)

WHY: To meet like-handed people, score free swag, listen to free live music, and watch sexy people get artsy. has a self-induced mission of eradicating sexual shame (lofty goal!) and the night's festivities will include a charity auction with all kinds of free stuff, like bikini waxes, facials (the spa kind) and even some very special sex toys that, at first glance, don't look at all like something you'd stick into an orifice.

Live music will include performances by L.A. Traffic, VCR Monster, Caught A Ghost and The Morose Project, and co-sponsors of the event include and Big Teaze Toys.

Website founder Kim H. will be giving away free FKmyself T-shirts designed by local artist Jonathan Bussiere of clothing line Hips and Hair, and goodie bags by the above-mentioned Big Teaze Toys (you gotta see them to believe them) and sex toy and cockring connoisseurs The Screaming O will be a hot commodity.

A suggested donation of $10 will go toward Against the Stream, a nonprofit group that offers free meditation classes and addiction recovery programs to those in need.

And if you're looking to attempt even more social change, Kim H. is looking for public figures in all realms of life to speak on camera and declare acceptance of their (and others') sexuality to help show viewers that it's “a gift to be celebrated, not something dirty to be ashamed of.”

“As a late bloomer who felt sexual at 6 but got her first kiss at 18, my hand and a showerhead were the only things that allowed me to survive adolescence,” she says. “If anyone out there is willing to [speak on camera], please come forward! Your voice desperately needs to be heard.”

So if you're looking to do something (else) that'll leave you feeling good – or you wanna give your left hand the night off – come downtown.

Damn right that's a double entendre.

'Nuff said.

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