The estate of Glenn Goldman, the late owner of Book Soup, will be up for sale this Sunday at Bonhams & Butterfield's in Beverly Hills (7601 W. Sunset Boulevard). This particular auction focuses on Goldman's art books. The pieces up for grabs include a signed coffee table photography book by Annie Liebovitz and an Ed Ruscha monograph. There's also a lot that includes a few Joan Didion books (The Year of Magical Thinking). Last month's auction included several first edition Raymond Carver hardcovers.

I know most of us don't exactly have money to burn these days, but if you're thinking of getting into book collecting, this auction is a good place to start. The estimated prices on some of these volumes are in the $100 range. Not bad at all, considering that a first edition signed copy of J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye can go for $55,000.

The lot of them.

Signed by Raymond Carver.

These two were from last month's auction. Sold as a single lot.

Signed by Ed Ruscha. “Glenn you Rascal.”

David Foster Wallace galleys. Signed.

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