A search has ensued for a stolen car containing years of research from a Pasadena woman’s mission to find her birth parents.

The 2013 black Mercedes Benz c300  went missing on June 11 at the Mattress Firm store on Foothill Avenue in East Pasadena.

Its last known location was a Marshall’s in Pasadena, as the woman’s credit card was charged for $200.

The documents were in the trunk of her car, with a white folder labeled “adoption” in blue letters.

Michela had spent the past 10 years collecting various documents, an old letter and a photo of her birth parents in aid of her search.

“The folder was original given to me by my adopted parents,” Michela said to users through the Citizens app. “It had one picture and one letter and over the years I’ve just been adding to this folder.”

Michela reached out to the Citizen app, who then sent out notifications to local users to be on the lookout for both the black Mercedes with license plate number 7UKK679, or the folder itself.

“Unfortunately I did have it in the car, I know that’s irresponsible,” Michela said. “I probably should have had it on me, but I never expected anything like this would ever happen.”

LA Weekly