Last Friday was National Donut Day, and while we can't think of a better time to abandon our diets, sometimes the love for donuts can be taken too far. Case in point: ESPN reports that Seattle Seahawks rookie wide receiver Golden Tate apologized Tuesday and said he was “very embarrassed” after Seattle police caught him trespassing at 3 a.m. in Top Pot, a gourmet donut shop located in the bottom of the football player's building. The object of his desire? Freshly baked maple bars. Tate says, “I made the mistake of — a buddy made the mistake going in and grabbing a couple. We ate them. This is the wrong type of media I want to bring to the organization.”

According to ESPN, Mark Klebeck, co-founder of Top Pot Doughnuts, told Seattle's KJR radio that a baker must have left a door unsecured. Apparently it was then that Tate and another person allegedly entered the bakery through a back door or freight elevator that connects the store to the residences in which Tate lives. The baker followed proper company protocol by immediately calling police. While officers were dispatched, the situation was diffused when the baker recognized Tate as a resident of the building.

When asked about the situation, Pete Carroll, former USC and current Seahawks coach, said, “No, I'm not disappointed at a guy being at a donut shop at 3 in the morning when they got maple bars like Top Pot has,” Carroll said. “However, under the circumstances, I think they were closed or something like that. That's definitely wrong. We've talked about it, addressed it. He's remorseful and all that. I do understand the lure of the maple bars.”

Tate said police gave him a warning. “They just kind of said 'don't do it again,' which I won't. Next time I will have the buddy go in and buy them instead.” While he called the incident a “foolish mistake,” Tate admitted, “If you ever want maple bars, [Top Pots] is the place to go.”

LA Weekly