A 44-year-old man named Scott Basko, who goes by “Scott Hollywood” on Facebook, was banned from the Glendale Galleria yesterday for allegedly perving on a group of teen girls — while allegedly wearing the perviest outfit in the history of mall creepers, according to a report in the Glendale News-Press.

Glendale police tell the paper that Basko had previously been banned from Americana at Brand, another Glendale mall, for “intentionally adjusting his penis…”

“… while wearing similar skin-tight pants.” On August 13, however, he reportedly topped them off with a feather boa and fedora.

Basko, 44.; Credit: Glendale Police Department

Basko, 44.; Credit: Glendale Police Department

We found photos on Basko's Facebook page of what appears to be the same getup. Except that last Monday afternoon in the Galleria, cops say he (unfortunately) wasn't wearing a shirt beneath the zebra vest.

A crime of fashion, surely, if not sexual deviance. Here's the girls' story, via the News-Press:

The girls told police that Basko — whose shiny zebra-print vest exposed his chest and midriff — began staring and winking at them when they were taking photographs of each other outside a mall store.

… When the girls began walking away, he allegedly followed, prompting one of them to yell “stop.”

They took cover inside a store, waited for 10 minutes and exited, which is when they told police they saw him leaning against a railing and staring at them. At that point, Basko allegedly made sexually explicit gestures with his tongue.

Police also say they found weed and drug paraphernalia in Basko's pocket. To which we can only wonder: What pocket?

According to the L.A. County Superior Court website, the 44-year-old was charged with three misdemeanor counts of annoying or molesting a minor. Basko, however, has pleaded “not guilty” to all three, after reportedly telling officers that perhaps the girls had misinterpreted his gum-chewing for something a little naughtier.

Basko's Facebook page lists him as a Hollywood resident and graduate of the Academy Pacific Business and Travel College. His major? “Hospitality.”

Wink wink:

Credit: Scott Hollywood via Facebook

Credit: Scott Hollywood via Facebook

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