News just came in that toxicologist Bruce Kelman, targeted by people who have an almost religious, misguided fear of common household mold, has prevailed in a key case against Mold Queen Sharon Kramer.

Kelman emails the Weekly: “Kramer was found guilty of libeling me.”

Their bitter battle was detailed in Weekly freelancer Daniel Heimpel's recent cover story, “The Mold Rush: A California mom helped fuel a national obsession with “toxic” mold that engulfed Ed McMahon and destroyed lives. Moms aren't always right.”

Dozens of mold-obsessed commenters attacked Heimpel on the Weekly's site, airing their beliefs with fundamentalist fervor. Like Kelman, Heimpel merely reported the truth, that scientists have repeatedly shown that household mold is not toxic to healthy people and does not make them sick.

LA Weekly