Scenes from Chatsworth: L.A.'s Final Frontier

Iconic barn that once housed Mr. EdIconic barn that once housed Mr. Ed

Deep in the northwest corner of the San Fernando Valley, the Santa Susana Mountains mark L.A. County's boundary with Ventura County. Chatsworth — nestled at the foot of these hills and still laced with Old West charm — is the final frontier of Los Angeles. The sounds of the city fade into the distance, replaced by wind rustling through the brush, the clip-clopping of horse hooves, and occasionally a coyote call echoing through the canyon. The smell of sage accents the fresh air. Rocks beg to be climbed and trails call out for exploration. Other than the view from the top, with the city stretching far-off into the horizon, rusted-out trucks left long ago and a train whistle in the distance serve as the only reminders that civilization is not far away. All photos by Colin Young-Wolff.

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