This guy was begging to be arrested, but he wasn't.

Our Annoying Prank of the Week Award goes to sax man Sergio Flores for exposing the impotence of the L.A. mall cop. Because if anyone needs to be exploited and looked down upon, it's the our $10-an-hour first responders in retail.

In a video posted over the weekend Flores is seen playing the same few high notes of George Michael's “Careless Whisper” at some of the area's finest retail and dining venues, including …

-A Food 4 Less (“Security to check stand number 6, please”).

-Del Taco.

-Azusa Laundromat.


-Westfield Plaza (not sure which one, but he seems to haunt the San Gabriel Valley a lot). When security approaches the cameraman says, “He doesn't like George Michael! Boo.” He tells security, “That's okay he's with”

Security guy says, “Don't play it again. If you play it again I'm going to arrest you for trespassing.” (Point of order: Security guards don't get to arrest people. Not at $10 an hour).


-Ross (where's he's confronted not by security but by “Loss Prevention.” Because when someone plays a sax in your store, that's a loss).

-Biology class at Citrus College.

-The Covina High School football field.

-The Grove (which has the most serious security). A supervisor says, “Here's the deal, this is private property. You can stay on the property. You're going to get arrested for trespassing.”

Cameraman: “Sorry guys this is saxophone superstar Sergio Flores … He is above the law.”

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