Respected veteran post-punk/percussion band Savage Republic recently performed a live score to Jose Antonio Sistiaga's hand-painted experimental film, Ere Erera Baleibu Icik Subua Sruaren, at Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater, and Videothing was there to document it.

Oh, and if you're looking for something way way different than whiny indie bands to see next week, put Wednesday night at Cinefamily on your calendar. Why? Dewanatron, dummy. See more after the proverbial “jump.”

Explanation, courtesy of Cinefamily:

Brian Dewan makes his terrifyingly triumphant return to the Cinefamily with cousin Leon Dewan; together as Dewanatron they've come to tickle your spooky bone. Mad musical scientists that they are, they will tend to their self-created musical machines for an October harvest of spooky silent shorts featuring ghostly horror, monster pathos, and creepy experiments. Some instruments hang on the wall and unsettlingly play themselves. Some, such as the Dual Primate Console, require not one, but two people to make them sing. The demented Dewan brothers have scored early animations, Soviet cartoons, Castle educatonal films and even Fritz Lang's Metropolis with their spooktacular devices. Like a carnival side show, freaky and fun, they will reveal their collection of sonic music-making machines and aurally weird you out.

LA Weekly