Banjo player, sound artist and all-around amazing soul Emily Lacy is the currently the artist-in-residence at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Tomorrow night she will commence a series of performances there called “Temple of the Mind.” As far as we're concerned, this is THE PLACE to have your mind blown by sound this weekend. Need proof?

Preview: Temples of the Mind at LACMA from Emily Lacy on Vimeo.

The LACMA website has a quickie interview with Lacy on their website:

LACMA: Tell us about your process.

EMILY: It's very exciting to be able to build a relationship to the space over a series of weeks, spontaneously creating soundscapes and feeling how it works in the space. I use delay pedals, where you're able to input a signal–whether it's a voice or an instrument–and it starts to play back and then you can just create layers and layers and layers. By working with a whole series of pedals I can multiply this process of output and degradation of the sound.

Lacy performed a sound installation at LACMA last year as part of Machine Project's takeover of the museum. Here's part of what she did:

She's perhaps best known around these parts as a banjo player, and has the voice and the vibe to back it up.

Lacy's had a long relationship with Machine Project, she told LACMA: “This project came out of a residency I did at Machine Project where I played in their gallery window almost every day for six weeks. I had no idea what was going to come of that but I realized that this was a process I wanted to do again and again.”

After tomorrow night's 6 p.m. performance, Machine Project will celebrate the release of A Machine Project Field Guide to LACMA, a book documenting the art gallery/performance space's single-day takeover of the museum last year.

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