Sarah Palin is scheduled to speak to Hollywood conservative group Friends of Abe Friday, a source with knowledge of the situation says.

The location is Brentwood's Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, the same venue that hosted Donald Trump in July, said the source, who did not want to be identified.

The occasion is the FOA's holiday party, the source said, and it'll be the first time a speaker will be featured at the annual event.

Onetime governor and vice presidential candidate Palin is expected to deliver remarks about the “war on Christmas,” the recurring controversy that re-emerged this month when Starbucks unveiled red, holiday-neutral cups for the season.

Donald Trump suggested that a boycott of Starbucks might be in order. But Palin said on Facebook that this was a manufactured controversy. “Grinches on the left take things too far in attempts to make all us jolly revelers look ridiculous,” she wrote.

She'll also talk about how biblical principles can lead Americans in the right direction, an idea that's the theme of her latest book, Sweet Freedom: A Devotional, our source said.

Other topics on the schedule include Islamic State terrorism, Syrian refugees coming to America and more, the source says.

Carolers, eggnog and a cash bar will also be present, according to the source.

It's a private affair, as always, with members of the press unwelcome. The action is supposed to start at 6 p.m.

Friends of Abe was founded by Gary Sinise and has called actors Jon Voight and Kelsey Grammer members.

LA Weekly