In an only-in-L.A. scenario, one ultra-lefty really wants Sarah Palin to run for president. So much so that he's been on a hunger strike for one month to urge the Alaskan to get on the campaign trail.

Our old pal Jerry Peace Activist Rubin (that's his legal name) is at his old tricks again, using his weight-loss program to trick the Republicans into running the biggest name they have.

How's that good for Democrats?

Ah, Rubin knows the Republican race is a freak show where the biggest issue is genital warts and a vaccine's alleged ability to cause “mental retardation,” in Michele Bachmann's words.

Jerry Peace Activist Rubin.

Jerry Peace Activist Rubin.

The 67-year-old from Santa Monica (you can often catch him on Third Street Promenade) wants to stir up the pot because the oversize shoes and big red noses of the Republican nominees just aren't circus-like enough for him.

This week he's marking one month on his fast. Here's what Rubin says:

… If Sarah Palin were to enter the presidential race, it would surely hurt the Republican Party even more …

If Sarah Palin were to enter the Republican presidential race and join in the debates along with other Tea Party favorites such as Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, the American people would see even more clearly why the extreme non-compromising Tea Party and Republican program should not be supported.

Rubin's been on a liquid diet — vitamins, minerals and other nutrients — since Aug. 29 and says he'll stop if his health becomes an issue:

If my health even appears to be in jeopardy I will come off the fast. I certainly am not going to be a martyr for Sarah Palin.


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