As a preview for tonight's Troubadour show, Santa Monica's rock quartet Chief has released a free sample of their upcoming 10″ vinyl release. The EP, out June 22nd, features tracks that won't be featured on Chief's much awaited Domino Records debut, Modern Rituals.

The 10″ includes tracks “Night & Day,” “Your Direction” and “My Love is Gone,” but if you can't wait for June 22nd, we have a free download of “Night & Day” and the video for “Your Direction.” The video is assembled from footage found by filmaker Charles Russell. His take: “Found undeveloped 16mm film in my grandparents garage. Developed it. What emerged was an intimate look inside my family history from the Rockwellian 50's to the turbulence of the Vietnam War. People just trying to find their direction along with the entire country.”


Night & Day – Chief [MP3]

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