The kids at Golden Valley High School in Santa Clarita are getting an early holiday present: Grow lights — actual hydroponic devices used in real drug operations, donated by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

The $10,000 donation is supposed to help kids learn how stuff grows (of course) and was actually sought by a biology and environment teacher.

We just hope Spicoli isn't in that class, because grow stuff he would …

… But seriously, the high-power lights are supposed to allow pupils to observe the life cycles of plant species (we're guessing cannabis isn't one of them, but the smart kids can always juxtapose data in their heads) and see what happens when organic and inorganic matter combines in landfill-like conditions.

Sheriff's Capt. Paul Becker says, “We are grateful we were able to take something that was being used for illegal purposes and turn it into a positive for our local youth and educational programs.”

Yeah, sure. Got any confiscated bongs you can donate while you're at it? They'll be used as planters, we promise.

Best way to recycle pot-growing gear ever or, er, not too bright of an idea? What do you think?

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